Waste is growing and growing all over the world. Mountains of garbage grow into the sky. Disposal in the old way (burn, deposit) does not solve your problems, but also creates new problems. With environment, emissions, airpollution, deposit etc.

So what you can do? How can you solve your waste problems forever? And how can you earn money with the trash instead of paying for it.

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The solution is:
The Enercrack Waste-to-Power-concept.

Enercrack has the technology to convert any kind of organic waste and residue, inclusive toxic and medical waste, into electricity.

The Enercrack Waste-to-Power concept is based on an economically and ecologically proven, approved, and patented technology and is State-of-the-Art.

With this technology, waste is disposed emmission free, environmentally friendly, ecofriendly and without any residue that must be disposed.

These are good news for every community: Produce your own Electricity.

Enercrack makes you independent of external and private electricity suppliers.
The erection of an Enercrack Waste-to-Power system in your area is an investment in an environmentally friendly generation of electric power.

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From garbage to power:
A process like a perpetuum mobile.

With Enercrack, every ton of waste makes you happy, because

• you generate from one ton of   organic waste 1.2 to 1.5 Mw of   electrical energy.

This energy can be used for your own power needs. Or you can sell it to your current suppliers, thus earning money from your waste.
The more waste, the more power.
It' s a kind of perpetuum-mobile.

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